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    Western Face  →more read
I had already had several procedures including double eyelids, with eipcanthoplasty(inner corner of the eye) augmentation rhinoplasty together with a chin implant.
In spite of these I was not totally happy.
My aim was to become truly western looking.
I was very unhappy as I had spent so much money on cosmetic surgery, but when seeing Veriteclinic’s homepage I found an Asian male patient who had gained a Western face.
I therefore decided to have a consultation with Doctor Fukuta.
I was very impressed with him; he was so knowledgeable with such a good manner.
I felt totally confident that he could achieve my desired goal.
I believe you can see from the pictures the truly wonderful transformation he has made. It has changed my life.
I am so happy, thankful, and grateful that I found such a talented Doctor.
    10 Years Younger  →more read
  I had always looked younger than my age with a youthful sounding voice. Even after my mid 30s people would say I looked 27. However, over the last three years I aged a lot. I felt that I looked older than my real age. My upper eyelids had dropped while the lowers showed signs of bags. Additionally,my jaw line had lost its firm appearance. I did not want to look like this and felt uncomfortable with the face I saw in the mirror. After reading an article in a magazine about anti aging, I decided to have a consultation at Veriteclinic. I was given two options, either a no surgical method of Thermage and filler injections, or facelift surgery. As I wished to make myself look 10 years younger, I decided to take the surgery.
I then took a two-week holiday, and had all the procedures recommended.
After surgery I was very swollen, and began to feel that I had done too much.
As the days passed I changed my hair style and make-up so I could return tomy job without any problems.
There was a dramatic change in my upper eyelids, the bags had gone and myface was lifted showing a beautiful jaw line.
I am so happy with the results together with my increased confidence. See below my treatment menu.
Upper Eyelid Lift、Lower Blepharoplasty、Cheek Lift Surgery Cheek Liposuction、Laser Treatment on age and sun spots、Max peel.
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